UPAK Installation instructions

Install UPAK following these simple steps:

  1. Create an "hhirf" directory. For a system installation, create /usr/local/hhirf. For your own personal use, you can put it nearly anywhere, but /usr/local/hhirf is the default location for some document and configuration files.
  2. Untar the upak tar file you have downloaded. It should create the directory ./upak.
  3. In the ./upak directory, edit the Makefile.
  4. Type "make". If there are no errors, you are done. There might be a few warnings, but if the code compiles it should run.
  5. Put /usr/hhirf in your path and you are done.

To test your success, if the make process completed, you should run "damm", then use the command "fig 1". If an X-window opens with x and y axes, you probably succeeded. Use the programs of interest to further debug it.